The Frinj has been running since 2000 and has forged a reputation for making outstanding, innovative and often audacious art. The fact that this festival comes from such a small rural community is even more unusual.

Frinj showcases the talents of local artists, and invites other artists to come and play. Some Frinj projects, such as Space and Place, Highly Strung, Art Pumping Action and Styckx Theatre have been (and are) at the forefront of artistic creation in Australia.

These projects have demonstrated the broad artistic skills and willingness to collaborate that is a feature of Natimuk’s arts community.

As well a highlight projects, the Frinj program includes the community celebration of The Opening Parade, an extensive music, visual and performing arts program, culinary experiences, random happenings, subversive art attacks and dancing, of course.

Highlights of the 2022 program soon to be added to our wonderful history.