2000 The Horsham Art is…Festival began in 1995, many Natimuk artists such as Carolynne Hamdorf, Mary French, Jillian Pearce and the late Christine Smith were involved in the festival and learnt valuable skills as festival managers, community arts facilitators, workshop coordinators and or course as artists!

After joking around a Natimuk kitchen table with Christine Smith, Richard Smith and Mary French, Greg Pritchard was convinced to run a small festival as a ‘fringe’ to nearby Horsham’s Art is … Festival. This was especially entertaining to Mary and Christine as Greg had spent many a conversation dissing the local arts scene! Greg took to his role with gusto and the Art is…Festival gave him $100 and included the ‘fringe’ in the marketing. The events were, from memory (and this is hazy) a sculpture exhibition in Hugh and Del’s café, a curry and beer contest in the hall, a music jam in the rotunda, and some art attacks. Sadly Christine passed away in 2003 after having achieved so much for our community.