Nati Frinj 2019 was potentially the biggest yet. We had a few old favourites back, and tried out a few new things. We had the amazing Styckx Theatre Playground, an new silo show in Bee-Sharp Honeybee, and the beautiful Once and For All. So much to see, was three days really enough? (Yes! I can hear the team shout…)

Here are some photographic highlights:

Tchingal the Giant Emu leads the way in the Opening Parade (photograph: Theresa Harrison)

Bees a strong theme in the 2019 Opening Parade (photograph: Theresa Harrison)

Opening Night – The Printed Garden exhibition by Jenny Peterson (photograph: Theresa Harrison)

Styckx Theatre Plaground – Time (photograph: Theresa Harrison)

Toast Readings with Ophelia Sol (photograph: Theresa Harrison)

Gothic Aerobics with Wendy Eden (photograph: Theresa Harrison)

Real Hot Bitches Dance Class (photograph: Theresa Harrison)

Live Sketch Walk Tour with Angela Williams (photograph: Theresa Harrison)

Show Us Your Silks! (photograph: Theresa Harrison)

Show Us Your Silks! Aerial Silks Workshop (photograph: Theresa Harrison)

The Headshot Experience (photograph: Theresa Harrison)

Sid Secret – the Spy without a Clue, by Tim Ratcliffe (photograph: Theresa Harrison)

Duagua Rarkee Earth Oven Preparation (photograph: Michelle McFarlane)

Styckx Theatre Playground – Space (photograph: Theresa Harrison)

Procession to Bee-Sharp Honeybee, led by Thomas and Wells Cyclo (photograph: Theresa Harrison)

Bee-Sharp Honeybee (photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography)

Bee-Sharp Honeybee (photograph: Michelle McFarlane)

Bee-Sharp Honeybee (photograph: Michelle McFarlane)

Real Hot Bitches at The Powerhouse (photograph: Theresa Harrison)


Ophelia Sol Ober Experience and Thomas and Wells Cyclo at the Sunday Farmers Market Plus (photograph: Theresa Harrison)

Afternoon pick me up with the Wimmera Women’s Circus (photograph: Michelle McFarlane)

Once And For All – Cemetery Tour (photograph: Michelle McFarlane)


Styckx Theatre Playground – Gravity (photograph: Michelle McFarlane)


Vault, Styckx Theatre (photograph: Michelle McFarlane)

Final Frinj Flinj with Hello Tut Tut (photograph: Theresa Harrison)

Final Frinj Flinj – and the sun sets on another Frinj (photograph: Theresa Harrison Photography)