Nati Frinj Biennale respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the Land upon which we are located, the people of the Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali, Jupagulk and Wergaia. We pay our respect to Elders past, present and emerging.




1 – 3 November 2019

Natimuk is a small town (pop 500) in a big space. Deep in the wheat belt of Western Victoria, Natimuk is home to an eclectic mix of farmers, retirees, rock climbers and artists. The Main Street is a place to walk the dog, gather tumbleweed and meet for a chat on the Post Office steps. However, every two years, the township becomes the Nati Frinj.

From the Opening Parade to Aerial Shows, from exhibitions and new theatre works to Silent Disco Walking Tours, the Nati Frinj is a chance to celebrate and express the creative energy of Natimuk and our invited artists.

ACT Natimuk is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.


Let’s try and keep things clean:

The Nati Frinj has the stated target of reducing waste produced at the event and becoming a “no single use plastic” event. This includes the following objectives:

  • No single use plastic bags or plastic packaging to be given out or sold at the event. We encourage everyone to refrain from distribution of single use plastic bags, cutlery, straws and plastic bottles and avoid all unnecessary plastic packaging.
  • We seek a commitment from all participants at the festival to reducing waste, recycling and the use of reusable products (e.g. reusable bags/cups/cutlery/etc)
  • The Frinj commits to celebrate and promote the reduction of waste and recycling

And Safe for Everyone:

ACT Natimuk and the Nati Frinj is committed to promoting and protecting the interests and safety of children. View our Child Safe Policy HERE

Featured Events

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Styckx Theatre – Playground

Styckx Theatre Playground…. a symphony of sound, a playground of possibility and home of Mr Styckx and his bamboo world,...

Aikido Workshop

Stu and the team will demonstrate key Aikido moves and get you in the flow.  

Styckx Theatre Playground – Community Workshops

Keen to make a Playground in a Bamboo Theatre? Come and be part of Styckx Theatre and the development of...

Real Hot Bitches

The Real Hot Bitches are a Lycra lovin’ glitter explosion of hot bitches with a passion, a dance passion. Through...


In a post-apocalyptic Natimuk, all knowledge has been lost and the land is ravaged by drought. Survivors share stories and...

Climbing Museum

Six years ago a Nati Frinj exhibition celebrated the 50th anniversary of rock-climbing at Mt Arapiles. Since then, the idea...


Beckwith is animation designer, choregrapher and performer in this tech-savvy piece, which uses stereoscopic projections and 3D glasses to take...

The Printed Garden – Workshops

Community project with Jenny Peterson Create nature prints on paper using botanical specimens of the Wimmera. Your tutor Jenny Peterson...

Bee-Sharp Honeybee

An immersive journey through the secret life of bees.. featuring a string orchestra, live projections, and a real-time stream of...

Toast Readings

(Perth) **NEW LOCATION** **BOOKED OUT** Discover your past, present, and future with toast in an immersive performance led by the...

Listen Up!

Natimuk and the surrounding lands of the Jadawadjali people contain sites whose cultural and historical significance stretches back thousands of...

Styckx Theatre Venue

Y Space and Nati Frinj Biennale present Styckx Theatre and performance outcome, Playground – a spectacular community performance event created...

Once and For All

Once and For All is an event in two parts. It begins with a walking tour of Natimuk cemetery, which has...