nati frinj biennale

3rd - 5th November 2017

Nati Frinj Biennale

3rd – 5th November 2017

Crikey, where to start?! We’ve applied through various funding channels (fun times!) for no less than four new art projects! Fingers crossed that one or another (or all) of these projects receives funding and we can premier some new work at the 2017 Nati Frinj Biennale. Here is a sneak preview of what we hope to deliver………….please note the following events are all TBC based on funding results. We’ll find out in July.

Dusk is a large scale outdoor performance work that changes every evening of the Nati Frinj Biennale. Each night the largest stage in the region, the Natimuk silos, will come alive with aerial performance, interactive projections, shadow puppetry, photography and music. Director Jillian Pearce will lead a team of artists in a collaborative practise that builds on the culture of aerial performance, innovative projection and community engagement practise that exists in Natimuk.

Petty Sessions
Live art intervention and an immersive performance that brings the past to life through an interactive enactment of the historical Arapiles Court House sessions. A collaboration between the Arapiles Historical Society, Nati Frinj Biennale, invited theatre director Verity Higgins and performers, community members and local youth.

The Breadmaker’s Carnival
A surreal, lively, comic, musical, edible carnival based on the critically acclaimed book of the same name by author and performer Andrew Lindsay.The Breadmaker’s Carnival is the next phase in a rolling series of collaborations between the key artists Kavisha Mazzella, Andrew Lindsay, Anthony Pelchen and Trevor Flinn.

Possible Not
A collaboration between invited circus group Asking for Trouble, the Wimmera Women’s Circus and local youth gymnasts. This show will unpack our perception of our boundaries using Circus as a symbol/metaphor for human potential, and humour as a tool for social change. The results will from a series of street shows and a 30min performance in the Soldiers Memorial Hall.

Whaa whoo but wait there’s more………….over the next few months I’ll keep updating the events and programme in groundbreaking fashion. Stay tuned!


Who are we?

Natimuk is a small town (pop 500) in a big space. Deep in the wheat belt of Western Victoria, Natimuk is home to an eclectic mix of farmers, retirees, rock climbers and artists. The Main Street is a place to walk the dog, gather tumbleweed and meet for a chat on the Post Office steps. However, every two years, the township becomes the Nati Frinj! From ‘silo shows’ to Fashion for Funerals and Fantasy Eulogies – Putting the FUN into Funerals, from snail racing competitions to Rising Lights projection works, the Nati Frinj is a chance to celebrate and express the creative energy of Natimuk and our invited artists.

Kate Finnerty – Festival Director, Hannah French – Production Manager and then a team of incredible amazing volunteers! What we do, with what we got is quite simply, pretty awesome! This event would not be possible without the support of ACT Natimuk, Carolynne Hamdorf – Chairperson, Mary French – Treasurer, Kane Hendy – Secretary and members Jillian Pearce, Dave Jones, Alison Eggleton, Martin Bride, Sarah Natali, Elaine Uebergang, Greg Pritchard and Lynne Quick. Thanks everyone.

ACT Natimuk is is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

Frinj HUB (NC2 across the road from the National Hotel)
10am – 5pm SAT and SUN

Outta-towners and locals alike should head down to the Frinj HUB for programme updates and additions, maps, Limited Edition LOW IMPACT 2015 Frinj T-Shirts and Bags, local and regional information as well as lost clothing and children.