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Visual Art


Natty Things Art Market

Things stitchy: crafty: classy: wooly: tarty: Locally made quality textile and other things.

Felt Fantastic

Beautiful, funky felt bowls, teapot cosies, bags and more.


(Melbourne) Glacial is an animated work made in response to the vastness of Antarctica. A single long sheet of paper...

Art Matters Happenings

(Wimmera) Be it experiencing a moment of Shake n Groovin moment, or trying out one of our Wheelie Bin Camera...

Nati Frinj Environmental Art Trail

(Wimmera) A self-drive tour of environmental art in the Natimuk area. Pick up a map from the Frinj HUB.

Licorice Leeches

(Natimuk) Large solar inflated black tubes. We promise the actual work will be more impressive than the description!

Fourth Golden Needle Yarn Bomb Competition

(Natimuk) We’ve had the ‘fire hydrant’ and ‘webs’ and of course ‘the bridge’. We think anything can be enhanced with...

The Clitterati

(Sydney and Portland) A crochet art show about famous people and their nether regions….from Kirsten Fredericks & Trevor Smith.

Untitled Dome

(Natimuk) A dome-like structure is transformed into a curated art space, a highly visible and publicly accessible art experience on...


(Natimuk) Inspiration… expiration. We breathe in, out. We are born, childhood, mature, grow old, die. A photographic exhibition, images of...

A Poms eye view of the Wimmera

(Natimuk) Dramatic and beautiful photo’s from all over the Wimmera, from the largest landscapes to the smallest detail.

Baba Yaga

(Melbourne) Baba Yaga is coming for the party! She’s tired of the bad press she’s had up in Russia on...

The Wimmera Speaks

(Melbourne) ‘The Wimmera Speaks’ explores D’Arcy Molan’s matrilineal connection to the Wimmera region through spoken word, live music, pre-recorded music...


(Horsham) A restive participatory installation of primary coloured hammocks. A different note in each hammock pocket proposes a meditation, on...

Draw what you see… draw what you think you see

(Natimuk) Have you found a picture frame in town? Sit yourself down, grab the clipboard and take a moment to...

Arapiles Art and Craft Centre

(Wimmera) For the true local experience of ‘Made in Natimuk’ get yourself down to the Arapiles Art and Craft Centre....