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Licorice Leeches

(Natimuk) Large solar inflated black tubes. We promise the actual work will be more impressive than the description!

The Inaugural Wimmera Snail Race

(Natimuk) Wimmera snails are among the fastest in the world, well maybe not the fastest but almost in the top...

Beatroute and the Nang Nangs

Highly energetic and fun band of local musicians. Combining gypsy pirate, folk and funk with some good old rock riffs....

A Poms eye view of the Wimmera

(Natimuk) Dramatic and beautiful photo’s from all over the Wimmera, from the largest landscapes to the smallest detail.

Well you never know….

(The Dandenongs) Who knows what pop-up disco might happen with Disco Damo and friends in town.


(Portland) Ahh yeah, stretch out those tight hamstrings, hmmmm, take a few deep breaths, oh yeah……… AND then on Monday...


(Natimuk) A work of incredible beauty – non-human theatre.

Kane’s Back Yard

(Natimuk and invited guests) Need to escape the hustle and bustle of Frinj fired Natimuk? Come over, pull up a...

Natty Things Art Market

Things stitchy: crafty: classy: wooly: tarty: Locally made quality textile and other things.