nati frinj biennale

3rd - 5th November 2017

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Yup, we want you!

Feel like making some art for our Miniscularity exhibition?

Miniscularity Event Form

Perhaps you would like to support some art?!
The space that binds us
Initial funding and significant in-kind contributions for the five key artists has been secured. However to achieve these high quality outcomes, we’ve recently launched a funding raising campaign for $5,000 on the ACF site with 45 days to do it.

We would absolutely love your support by either donating &/or sharing this campaign with your networks.

The smallest amount will go along way and it’s tax deductable.
Here is the link

As you can see by the program page, the rest of the weekend is chocka block so we can’t fit in any more events but boy, oh boy do we need chair movers, ushers, ticket collectors, marquee erectors, bunting specialists, lawn mowerers, did I mention chair movers?

We’re happy to accommodate your Frinj movements, even 15 minutes of hard core chair moving is appreciated. Will need some bodies to help pre and post Frinj for set up and take down too.

Get in touch via the contact page, thanks heaps.