nati frinj biennale

3rd - 5th November 2017


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Saturday morning – Pick me Up

(The Dandenongs) Forget the Berocco, Damo’s choones will support mental sharpness and promote physical energy in preparation for the day...

Sunday morning – Put me Down

(The Dandenongs) Dog-gone it, what a night! Gently does it, we don’t want anything too extreme this early on a...

Victoriana Gaye

(Lorne) An unstoppable Frinj Fave! Sometimes whimsical, sometimes romantic and sometimes rockin’. Victoriana Gaye are a quirky combination of pop, folk...

Well you never know….

(The Dandenongs) Who knows what pop-up disco might happen with Disco Damo and friends in town.

Kane’s Back Yard

(Natimuk and invited guests) Need to escape the hustle and bustle of Frinj fired Natimuk? Come over, pull up a...

The Emporium

Little bit of this, little bit of that, funky workshops and general other stuff from a foxy venue.