The Headshot Experience (T.H.E)

The Headshot Experience (T.H.E.) is a light-hearted photobooth that harnesses the tools of personal grooming to take on gender inequity. The Photographer will style and photograph you using your choice of stick-on makeup, spotlight or hairdryer to create a portrait that highlights the issues most important to you.

The collection of portraits will be uploaded for viewing at www.instagram.com/theheadshotexperience with corresponding social media hashtags tailored to themes of gender inequity in the workplace. Photographic props make reference to the gender pay gap, gendered differences in patterns of work and a changing culture. (#makeupthegenderpaygap, #spotlightonworklifebalance, #thewindsofchange) Headshots of the day will be projected through the evening as a slideshow onto a shopfront in Natimuk.

The Headshot Experience asks you to take yourself less seriously in the service of a greater cause. The collection and repetition of individual headshots will amplify a message, creating a series of visual puns around the three different themes. Setup in a central location over several days of the festival, The Headshot Experience sparks conversations around themes of gender inequity, prompting the project to generate further discussion within and beyond the festival.