Sensorium under the Tower and more

Sensorium under the Tower

Enjoy picking up and playing with the potential of the objects, as you may have in your earliest years. Consider the senses, sight, touch, hearing, smelling, slowing down and allowing the moment.

Try out a cocoon boat, or a body sock-try several as they are all different-some for one person and some for two or more, some cotton and some nylon. Sit with cushions of different weights and textures. Walk in socks ore bare feet on the plush blue mat and let your feet respond to the texture and influence your calm. Climb under a weighted blanket lying on a firm soft body length mat. Sit in the cocoon boat a cover yourself with a soft yellow muslin cloth and peer through the yellow. Allow the weight of the blanket, or the soft envelopment of the cocoon to guide you in different ways to stillness.

Hammocks and sensory space at the Forest.

Between scheduled activity, the Forest may have hammocks and soft lightweight, or weighted blankets for you to take a still moment at the Frinj.

Hammocks on the Verj

Select a hammock, walk to it, and enjoy using it, paying attention to your breathing, or the sounds, the texture of the hammock around you, or the smell of the air, slowing you down and allowing the moment