With Natimuk’s salt lake at its heart, rEvolve was filmed around Victoria during breaks between the 2020 lockdowns. Expressing various artists’ responses to the pandemic, framed by WB Yeats’ iconic poem The Second Coming, the work weaves a gamut of emotions through extraordinary images. The artists are puppeteers, dancers, visual artists, and theatre makers, among them Natimuk’s Mary French and Jillian Pearce.



Devised and performed by: Ben Anderson, Mary French, Alana Hoggart, Lynne Kent, Danny Miller, Jillian Pearce, John Pyburn and Tamara Rewse

Cinematographer & Editor: Takeshi Kondo

Music & Sound Design: David Franzke

Drone Footage:  Peter French

Director: Nancy Black

Poem:  The Second Coming by WB Yeats 1920

Recited by WB Yeats

Produced by Black Hole Theatre