Muff Shots

Up against the wall and spread ‘em! Get in the line-up for a closer look at the usual suspects, underneath the underpants of the underworld. Kirsten’s work takes you behind the scenes and up the skirts of the infamous for an intimate glimpse at the nether regions of the notorious. Think you’re safe with this lot behind bars? Think again.

Kirsten Fredericks spins fabulous yarns with her crochet creations, weaving tales of the criminal cliterati, their fuzzy flesh-pots and twisted transgressions are perverse creations of Frederick’s psychotic-erotic dream world. Rat-bait, jail-bait, corrupt and immoral genitals that you’ve been warned about… A can-can line-up of saucily winking wenches in the can; now you can look them square in the eye from a safe distance and marvel at the unspeakable.

“As a working crochet artist I always find myself looking for new ways to knot a stitch or fulfil a dream yarn combination displaying the end result as a soft sculptural work. Muff Shots will takes my sentimental examples of humour and genitalia and offers them to the viewer in the form of photographic images set in a historical, old jail cell.”