Morning Yoga with Abigail Watkins

“Start your Frinj day with a lovely, flow yoga class.  Abby will lead a one-hour All Level Vinyasa (Flow) yoga class.  Bring a mat if you have one (mats available in the studio if not), wear loose fitting or stretchy, comfortable clothes and arrive on time (or a little early if you like).  The class will begin with breathing, warm up and a series of linked poses which flow together in a satisfying sequence, and finish with relaxation (Savasana).  Instruction and options will be provided for a range of experience and fitness.”


About Abby:

“Abby Watkins has been practicing yoga for twenty five years.  Also a dancer, she loves choreographing flowy well-constructed sequences that are fun, satisfying and bring you on a journey through movement so that you leave the studio in a different place than you arrived.”