LightStation Extravaganza

The ‘Human Designs’ collective at this stage consists of Zlatko Balazic and John McKee. Each member of the group comes with an array of different educational and personal backgrounds which makes for a creatively fertile basis upon which to synthesize and design amazing works of art. The organic, ‘morphic’ quality of our work has become a binding signature style of all our overall work. Our most recent collaborations have incorporated lights, sound, and CGI to produce an inimitable blending of various mediums and technologies. One of our main goals is to engage our audience through direct, tactile light and sound displays, or what we like to refer to as ‘soundscapes’. These works have been made using various mediums such as animations and projections through materials such as composite steel, aluminium, timber, fabrics, and Perspex. We also utilise the latest state-of-the-art microcontrollers, LED lighting, and electronic sensors to construct artistic and interactive pieces of work. ‘Human Designs’ is committed to upgrading skills by researching materials to bring new and exciting art experiences to our audience in ways they have never seen before!