La Escondida Arte

– “We are a couple living and creating in Shepparton. Pat is originally from Melbourne and Sole from Patagonia in Argentina. Together we have formed a creative process where Sole does the painting, collage art and photography, while Pat takes care of all the framing. We have an online shop at https://www.laescondidarte.com/ and create for the love of it, and on commission! La Escondida is the name of tiny cabin in Argentina that is pretty special for us and we like the idea of keeping some Spanish around. It’s now been 2 years working and growing with La Escondida and we are very excited to be part of the Nati Frinj Festival, it is our very first festival!”

La Escondida Arte The exhibition showcases some of the abstract work that I have been creating in the last year; this technique came as a great surprise to me because before that I was more immersed in figurative art (mainly woman faces). The collection depicts the resilience that we have embraced after and during the pandemic as humans and as a couple by doing something that makes us feel alive and allows us to share with others the joy of colour. The combined work also features collage, painting, and photography.