Creative Lab Launch

Come and find out about the ACT Natimuk’s inaugural Creative Lab program 2021/22 and hear directly from the artists about what creative ideas they explored and where this exploration has lead them.

In 2021  ACT Natimuk invited artists to apply for 6 x $5000 Creative Lab grants for the opportunity to explore an idea and/or extend their creative practice in the small vibrant township of Natimuk during the period August 2021- October 2022 .

The Creative Lab program was created with the following aims  –

  • To encourage artists to connect with Natimuk and work as part of Natimuk’s small but vibrant arts community
  • To create/seed work for Nati Frinj Biennale
  • To create/seed work that may be suitable for inclusion as a Made in Natimuk (MiN) product.
  • To help with the sustainability of maintaining a regional arts practice
  • To encourage artistic exploration
  • To encourage diversity of artistic expression

Wanting to allow for maximum artistic freedom with minimal restrictions, one of the few conditions of the funding was that the artists should provide a ‘work in progress’ showing/outcome at Nati Frinj 2022.